Submandibular Lymphangioma

The first treatment

Upper: From Left; Before treatment, the next day after treatment
Lower: From Left: 1 week, 2 weeks, 4 weeks, 6 months after treatment

15 years old boy. At first, I thought that he was plunging ranula. But, cyst fluid was serous (not viscous). So, he was thought to be lymphangioma. 1 KE of OK-432 was injected. The response was bad till 6 weeks after treatment. But, after that, the cyst was gradually reduced. At the period of 6 months after treatment, cyst was clearly disappeared.

The second treatment

8 yeras after the first treatment. I got a mail from his father. When the first treament was done. the patient was a junior high school student. Now. he was almost graduating from a University. He had a recurrence one month before consultation. They went to nearby hospital. The doctor told them that only treatment was surgery. So, he had to come to me by changing three superexpress trains; Shinkansen.

The upper photos are before and after OK-432 treatment.

These are his X-ray CT. Dark grey areas are lymphagioma.

Left is his cyst fluid. Yellowish serous fluid was aspirated. This is typical for lymphangioma. Center is smear of cyst fluid. Lymphocytes were seen. Right; OK-432 1.5 KE solved with 4 ml of saline was injected.

These photos are course after OK-432 injection. At the next day, his right submandibular sewlling was increased and he had fever at 38 . 1 week after, his right neck swelling was maximum. After, he went abroad for study tour. He retured to Japan at the period of 3 weeks after OK-432 injection. His right submandibular swelling was almost gone. After that. there was no recurrence till 6 months after the second treatment.

If he was living near my clinic, it would be very easy. I would only say that inflation of lympatic fluid might bigin again, I would inject again, please wait for several weeks.
If he had a surgery, at least operation scar woud remain. And in some reports, the efficacy of surgery for lymphangima is below 50 %.

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