To the patients who want to have consultation by e-mail

The aim of establishing this home page is that the patients will be able to have the benefit of this therapy as much as possible. So, it is my great pleasure to be consulted by patients.
I am trying to answer as soon as possible. But, in some cases, time may be needed because of language problem.

At first, please read "Frequent Questions & Answers" of this home page. Then, in order to help my understanding, please write the following points.

1, Name, Age, Sex, Address
2, History of illness.
When and how your disease occurred? How were you diagnosed?, CT scan?, MRI?, Echo gram?, Biopsy? What treatments have you had?
3, What treatment is recommended now?
4, Please attach photographs of diseased part. Photographs are very important to have right answer. These are examples that were sent by patients. (Please Click)
5, If possible, please send MRI or CT. Place MRI or CT film on the window and take pictures with digital camera, then e-mail me. These are examples that were sent from patients. (Please Click) Usually, ranula is recognized as white monotonous shadow in T2 image of MRI, and gray monotonous shadow in X-ray CT.
6, Please let me know when you accept my reply.


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