Plunging ranula (30)

Very typical OK-432 treatment of plunging ranula

Left plunging ranula of young lady. She had her left submandubular swelling for almost one year. She had MRI examination and cytology examination by aspiration at a hospital in neibouring prefecture. She was susupected to be a plunging ranula and asked treatment to me.

Left is her MRI. White lesion means fluid collection. The shape of white lesion is very irreguler and seemes multicystic. Ranula is a saliva leakage from sublingual gland. Saliva spreads into weak resistanse lesion, so the shape sometimes become irreguler. This is typical ranula MRI. Right is aspirated cyst fluid. Yellowish mucous fluid. This is typical for ranula. After aspiration of 4 ml cyst fluid, 1 KE of OK-432 suspended with 2 ml of saline was injected.

This is the course of her treatment. 4 ml of cyst fluid was removed and then 2 ml of OK-432 was injected. So, there was almost no change just after treatment. The next day, her ranula was swollen. THis means good response. 1 week after treatment, swelling was maximum. Then, her ranula began to shrink. 6 weeks after treatment, there was no swelling.

There was no recurrence till 6 months after treatment.

Typical case who was cured only one OK-432 treatment was almost half.
As my impression, young women are very good results after OK-432 injection.
But, young man sometimes have recurrence. I don't know why.

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