Plunging ranula (28)

This patient noticed her left submandibular swelling from 2 years ago. She had the first OK-432 therapy one and a half years ago at an hospital in Tokyo area. After the first treatment, her ranula was disappeared for 6 months. But, 6 moths after, she had small recurrence . Her reccured submandubular swelling gradually became big. She went to the doctor who did her first treatment. But, the doctor alredy moved to another hospital.  So, she did not have treatment. She mailed me asking treatment one month before this treatment.

Left is her MRI. White lesion means fluid collection. The shape of white lesion is typical for ranula. Right is aspirated cyst fluid. This is typical for ranula. After aspiration of 8ml cyst fluid, 1 KE of OK-432 suspended with 2 ml of saline was injected.

This is the course of her treatment. The next day, her ranula was swollen and the color of local skin became red.  And fever up was observed. One week after, her ranula was more hardly swollen. But, there was no pain and fever up. This means very good response. 2 weeks after treatment, her ranula began to shrink. 6 weeks after treatment, there was no swelling.
There was no recurrence at three months after treatment.

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