Plunging ranula (25)

Ranula which changed oral to plunging by surgery.

15 years girl. Left is before treatment. Right submandibuler swelling was seen. Right is after treatment. Right submandibuler swelling was clearly disapperared.

Till she came to me. At first, her ranla was oral type. She had surgery "marspialization" with general anesthesia. Right is 6 months after surgery. Her right jaw was swollen. I was surprized when I saw her MRI. The white area is ranula. Her swelling which we could see was only a part. Her ranula was extended deeply.

OK-432 treatment. I punctured her ranula and injected 1 KE of OK-432 susupended with 2ml of saline. Left is her cyst fluid and right is semar. These are typical for ranula.

This is a course of treatment. The next day, her ranula was swollen and the color of local skin became red.  One week after, her ranula was more hardly swollen. This means very good response. 2 weeks after treatment, her ranula began to shrink. 6 weeks after treatment, there was no swelling.

But, 3 months after my treatment. She had right oral swelling. Right is MRI 4 months after treatment, THe shadow of plunging ranula was clearly disappeared. Small white shadow is the shadow of oral ranula.
After that, she had two injections of OK-432. Then, her ranula was totally gone.

I is not rare that oral ranla chages to plunging ranula. Ranula is a leakage of saliva. If the saliva leakage did not stop by surgery and if the flow of saliva changed by scar formation, the saliva flows deep and makes plunging ranula. The cases plunging ranula 1, 10, ,14, 15, 17 and combined ranula 3 , 5 in this web site were the same case.

In my experienced for 20 years, 21 % of plunging ranula was change from oral ranula by surgery.

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