Plunging Ranula (23)

The ranula that seemed multicystic

He had left submandibuler swelling for 3 months. He was recommended to have operation; removal of the cyst by university hospital. He found this home page and came from Kanto district Japan.

In some sections of MRI, his ranula looked like 3 cysts. I punctured his left submandubular swelling. Cyst fluid was typical ranula fluid. Then, I injected 1 KE of OK-432. My injection was only one site.

Increased swelling was started on the next day, and hard swelling was gradualy increased till 1 week after treatment. Then, his swelling was gradually reduced. 6 weeks after, his swelling was completely disappeared and there was no recurrence 3 months after treatment.

Like this, if the cyst seemed to be mulicystic, only one injection is effective because cysts are usually connected each other.

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