Plunging ranula (21)

The ranula occurred after treatment of lymphoma

This patient was treated lymphoma 3 years ago. When he found his left neck swelling, he was afraid that it might be a recurrence of lymphoma. But, after several examinations it was considered to be a ranula. He did not want to have operation, so he came to me from other prefecture.

This is a course of treatment of this patient. I injected 1 KE of OK-432 into his ranula. The next day, his ranula was swollen and the local skin reddened.  This means good response. One week after, his ranula was still swollen. 2 weeks after treatment, his ranula began to shrink. 6 weeks after treatment, there was no swelling at his left neck.

This is 3 months after treatment. There is no recurrence.

I was afraid that he had immunosuppression because of lymphoma treatment. The effect of OK-432 depends on reactivity to OK-432 (penicilline killed streptocioccus). So, OK-432 may not effective in immunosuppressive patient. But, his ranula was cured by only one OK-432 treatment.

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