Plunging ranula (19)

Ranula which became small very slowly after OK-432 injection

She had ranula for 2 and a half years. She was examined by several big hospitals. Only one treatment she had get was aspiration from mouth. She was told to keep watching. I injected OK-432 1 KE from her right neck.

The left is her MRI. Her ranula was existed behind the submandibular gland. So, I punctured her ranula from backside. Cyst fluid was typical ranula fluid. After aspiration. OK-432 1KE solved by 2 ml of saline was injected.

This is her course of cure. The next day after OK-432 injection, no redness and increased swelling was obseved. Until 2 months after OK-432 injection, the effect was not enough. But. 3 onths after OK-432 injection, her right reck swelling was completely disappeared.  There was no recurrence 6 months after disappearence. We sometimes experienced such cases. (combined ranula2, submandibular lymphangioma)

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