Plunging ranula (16)

A case who needed very long time for treatment.

15 years old boy when I started to treat him. He had ranula from 13 years old. And, he had already got four OK-432 injections at the university hospita in neibouring prefecurel. The treatment was successful for a very short time, but after his ranula reccured. After the 4th treatment at the university hospital, his doctor recommended his mother to have surgery. So, his mother send me an e-mail  for asking  OK-432  treatment  to me. He was living almost 350 km from my clinic. But, all 3 treatmens were performed on one day trip.

The First treatment.
1 KE of OK-432 was injected intracystically at the first treatment. The reactive increased swelling after OK-432 injection was weak. The effect was not enough.

The Second treatment.
3 months after the firsat treatmrent, 1.5 KE of OK-432 was injected at the second treatment. This time, the reactive increased swelling after OK-432 injection was enough. His right jaw swelling was disappeared at 3 months after treatment. Regrettably, 6 months after treatment, small soft swelling was revealed again. But, the swelling was small compair to that of before treatment. So, I replied him that you had better to wait for a while.

The Third treatment.
3 yerars after the second treatment, I receoved a mail from his mother. " His ranula was growing gradually. But, he was very busy for his school events. So, he had had no time to come. At now, he was caring very much about his right jaw swelling. Please treat him again. "
I injected 1.5 KE of OK-432. This time, he had very good resonse, increased swelling and fever up. 6 weeks after treatment, his right submandibuler swelling was totally gone.

After 6 weeks.
In the second treatment, his ranula reccured after 6 weeks to 3 months. But, this time, there was definitly no recurrence at the point of 5 months.


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