Plunging ranula (11)@iRecurrence after OK-432 therapyj
1, First treatment

From Left: Before, 1 week after treatment, 2 weeks after, 6 weeks after treatment

Thirties man. He had ranula more than 5 years. Only aspiration was performed. He saw this home page and came to me from Kansai area. 1 KE of OK-432 was injected. One week after treatment, his right submandibular lesion was markedly swollen. 6 weeks after treatment, the swelling was clearly disappeared. He had good course for 4 years.

2, The second treatment after recurrence (2008)

Upper : From Left: Before, The next day , 1 week after treatment
Lower : From Left: 2 weeks after, 4 weeks after, 6 weeks after treatment

His ranula was recurred 4 years after the first treatment. He came to me again. This time, 1.5 KE of OK-432 was injected. He had marked submandibular swelling on the next day after OK-432 injection. After 6 weeks, ranula was clearly disappeared. As you can see, If recurrence was occurred after OK-432 therapy, OK-432 is also effective as first injection. He got this therapy on Friday, and returned home on Saturday. He worked normally, from Monday.

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