Plunging ranula (10)@iRecurrence after 2 surgeriesj

Upper : From Left: before, the next day, one week after treatment.
Lower : From Left: 2 weeks after, 4 weeks after, 6 weeks after treatment.

Thirties woman. Her ranula was originally an oral ranula. She had surgery two times intraorally by other physician then recurred as a plunging ranula. I punctured her right submandibular skin and aspirated 10 ml of viscous cyst fluid. Then injected OK-432 (2 ml of OK-432 solution, concentration was 0.5 KE/ml, total OK-432 dose was 1 KE). Her submandibular skin was markedly injected and swollen from the next day to 1 week after OK-432 treatment. After 6 weeks, her cyst was almost disappeared. So, I thought that it was cured.

From Left: 8 weeks after, 10 weeks after, 3 months after treatment.

But, the swelling was regrown 8 weeks after treatment. She wanted to be treated again. But, because of her schedule, she could not come. Only I had to watch her course. Her ranula was gradually reduced. 3 months after , swelling was not seen. The size of ranula depends on a balance between leakage of saliva and compression, absorption. If this balance go to shrink, ranula will cure spontaneously.

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