Otohematoma (6)

He was injured his left auricle by judo practice.

At first, aspiration of cyst fluid was performed. 0.6 ml of bloody serous fluid was aspirated.
2 days after aspiration, he came to me again because of recollection of fluid.

So, 0.5 KE of OK-432 was injected with highly concentrared OK-432 injection method. 3 days after OK-432 injectin, he came to me again because of increased swelling and slight pain. I tried to aspirate. But, I could not aspirate enough because the fluid was very viscous. There were many inflammatory sells such as neutrohils in the cyst fluid.
1 week after, he came to me again. This time, I could aspirate serous fluid. 2 weeks after OK-432 injection, slight swelling was observed but no cystic swelling was felt. At 4 weeks after OK-432 injection, there was no swelling.

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