How OK-432 works ?

Left: Before Treatment, Right: The next day after OK-432 injection

Inflammatory reaction after OK-432 injection. Usually, the color of ranula is blue black lucent. Upper right is the next day after OK-432 intracystic injection. The color of ranula turned to be red cloudy and the size was swollen. And, fever up, 38.5 degrees C was also observed. These means that OK-432 induced very strong inflammation.

Left upper: Smears of cyst fluid before treatment, Right upper: Smears of cyst fluid 18 hours after OK-432 injection
Lower: Proportions of Inflammatory cells: yellow: Neutrophils, Blue: Monocytes, Purple: Lymphocytes

The level of Interferon " inflammarory cytokine" were 32 pg/ml in cyst fluid of pre-teatment and 618 pg/ml in cyst fluid of post-treatment.

Migration of inflammatory cells into the cyst after OK-432 injection.
Left upper is the smear of ranula cyst fluid before treatment. Small amount of macrophages those are phagocyting liquids are seen. Right upper is the smear 18 hours after OK-432 injection. There are many inflammatory cells. Lower is a proportion of inflammatory cells. Neutrophils were dominant. And, the inflammatory cytokines such as interferon gamma, Interleukin -1, tumor necrosis factor are markedly increased. Namely, because of injection of streptococcus, white blood cells are migrated into the cyst and cause very strong inflammation. It is obvious that strong inflammation will induce the reduction of cyst.

This is my image about the effect of OK-432.
Ranula is saliva leakage from sublingual gland. OK-432 is like repair puncture spray. If OK-432 was injected into the cyst, strong inflammation will occur and some viscous inflammatory products like fibrin was produced. These inflammatory products will adhere the leakage part and stop leak. Cyst fluid will be absorbed gradually. If the leakage part was strongly repaired, ranula will be cured permanently. If saliva leak will occur again, ranula will recur.

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