LINK of OK-432 intracystic injection therapy

(1) Together with little Carlos (Dr. Ogita's lecture at Medical festival of Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine in 1993.)

This page is a lecture of Dr. Shuhei Ogita. Dr. Ogita was a pediatric surgeon of Kyoto Prefectural University School of Medicine. He found that OK-432 was especially effective for cystic lymphangioma (hygloma) in 1986. He lectured to young Medical students at Medical festival of Kyptp Prefectural University of Medicin in 1993. He talked about lymphangioma patient who's name was Carlos from Mexico. We can know his devotion to Lymphoma patients worldwidely.
Regrettably, Dr. Ogita passed away in 2003, 55 years old young.

(2) Shuhei Ogita fund

This fund is sending OK-432 to Lymphoma patients who are living in countries where OK-432 is hard to be obtained.
It is written in English, Spanish and Japanese.

(3)Dr. Igarashi's page, Joetsu, Japan (Japanese)

This is a page of Dr. Igarashi, Joetsu Japan. He is now opening his own clinic, Ohisama clinic. If you click "臨床スライド", you can see many his clinical presentations. In his many clinical presentations, you can see presentations about OK-432 therapy for plunging ranula, cervical cysts, cervical cysts, otohematoma, otohematoma, cervical cysts and otohematoma (please click).

(4) Page of Dr. Sakakibara, Osaka, Japan (Japanese)

This is a page of Sakakibara clinic, Osaka Japan. I think the most beneficial point of this therapy is cysts can be treated as an outpatient basis. Regrettably, I don't know so many facilities where performing this treatment as an outpatient basis. Dr. Sakakibara is treating head & neck cysts as an outpatient. You can see his results of oral ranula, plunging ranula and cervical lymphangioma.

(5) Page of Dr. Sato, Oita, Japan (Japanese)

This is a page of Sato clinic, Oita Japan. You can see his result of OK-432 therapy for ranula and mucocele of lip.

(6) Winner of the Case of the Year Award 2006 in SWISS SOCIETY OF NEONATOLOGY

This is the page of "Winner of the Case of the Year Award in SWISS SOCIETY OF NEONATOLOY". Click 2006, you can see how inoperable infantile cervical lymphangioma was treated. You can see many X-ray CTs, MRIs and Photographs.

(7) Children's Ear, Nose & Throat of Houston

I found this page in net surfing for lymphangima. Many lymphangioma cases and some OK-432 treatment in USA can be seen.

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