Lingual cyst (7)

Recurrence after two surgeries

Lingual cyst of teenage boy. He had lingual cyst for 5 months. He has had surgery twice. After both surgery, his ligual cyst reccured within one or two weeks. His lingual cyst was disappeared by only one OK-432 injection.

This is the change of his lingual cyst until he came to me. His mother took pictures at several moments. At first his lingual cyst was not big, After having the first operation, his lingual cyst reccured as more big cyst. Then, he had the second operation. But, his cyst was not cured. He was consulted to an university hospital. He was told that more extensive operation would be needed and might have sensory disturbance after surgery.

0.5 KE of OK-432 was injected by highy concentrated OK-432 injection method. The next day, his cyst was swollen and color changed red. 1 week after, his cyst was still red. But, 2 weeks after, his cyst became swollen like fresh cyst. I thought that additional inject must be needed to cure. Surprisingly, his cyst began to shrink from 3 weeks after treatment. 4 weeks after, his cyst became markedly small. 6 weeks after, the cyst was completely disappeared.

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