Oral ranula (16)

Oral ranula that repeated raptures after four surgeries

This patient had ranula from 6 months ago. She had three incisions by neiboring dentist. But, her ranula was not improved. So, she went to an university hospital at Tokyo and had a marspialization operation, But, her ranula was not improved. her ranla was repeated swllings ad raptures. She was recommended to have  reval operation of sublingual gland. She found my website and gave me an e-mail for consultion of her treatment. Her ranla was improved by two OK-432 injections.

Upper left is the photo that was attached to the first consulting mail. You can see very small hall on her ranula. I replied as follows.  I could not perform OK-432 therapy because of the hall. If I inject OK-432  into the ranula, OK-432 will flow out from the hall. Please wait till the hall close.
A few weeks after, she came to me suddenly. She told me that her ranula began to swell from yesterday, please inject OK-432. I was afraid to be ratured because of very thin cyst wall. Her hope to be treated by OK-432 was strong,  so I injected 0.5 KE of OK-432 in it. Middle left is the next day after OK-432 therapy. Response was good, But, the thin part of mucous membrane was close to rapture. After that, her ranula repated to swell then rapture.

10 weeka after the first treatment, she came to me again.. I injected 0.5 KE of OK-432 again. The response was good on rhe next day. This time, there was no rapture after OK-432 injection. There was no recurrence at 6 months after treatment. 

There was no recurrence at 1 year after the second treatment.

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