Oral ranula (15)
Long time follow up of oral ranula. Spontaneous regression ?

Young woman. She had operation 3 years ago. After operation, her ranula repeated swelling and rapture many times.

0.5 KE of OK-432 was injected without aspiration. 2 days after, ranula was swollen and reddened. After that, her ranula was small for 3 months.
8 months after treatment, she came to me because of increased size of her ranula. I wanted to inject OK-432. But, she was planning to travel on the next day, So, I only gave her medicine (anti- biotics and analgesics).
From next spring, she entered university in another city. So, she merely came to me. She came only japanese ceder pollinosis season when her university was spring vacation. When she came to me after 5 years from OK-432 injection, her ranula was clearly disappeared,

Ranula is a leakage of saliva from sublingual gland. If the leakage was stopped, ranula wguld be spontaneously cured.

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