Combined type Ranula (2)

Upper : From Left: Before treatment, The next day, 2 weeks after treatment
Lower :
From Left: 4 weeks, 8 weeks, 22 months after treatment

8 years old boy. He has big ranula on his oral floor. And also, his right jaw was swollen. He came to me from Kansai area. #I injected 1 KE of OK-432 from mouth. (Highly concentrated OK-432 injection without aspiration method) At the next day after treatment, ranula became red and swollen. This means very good response. 4 weeks after treatment, ranula was almost disappeared. But, 8 weeks after treatment, ranula became a little bit big. After that, ranula was almost the same size for 6 months and then disappeared. Lower right is 22 months after treatment. Ranula was completely disappeared.

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